Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 6 - Home Court

Glenn is having a rough morning: no matter how hard he tries, Nancy ignores him and instead she intently reads a mysterious letter. Meanwhile, during a softball game, things get heated between the pitcher and the players. Suddenly, the batter hits the ball right into the pitcher's face. Nancy and Glenn are called to the scene.

While en route to the trauma scene, Nancy tries to tell Glenn which way to go, but he claims he knows which way is faster. Suddenly and out of nowhere a bus slams into Glenn and Nancy's rig, causing it to flip over and leaving them both in need of medical attention.

Two hours earlier, Glenn wants to celebrate his and Nancy's 50th shift together. Rabbit has tickets to a basketball game and Tyler, Marisa, and Nancy all take one, but Glenn, a "probie," isn't invited.

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