Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 7 - Fragile Hour

Nancy is back at work after the accident and Glenn is doing everything in his power to help her out, like lifting a gurney in their rig. Sergeant Lyons comes over to check on Nancy and tells Glenn to be sure he takes good care of her. According to Glenn, it seems like Lyons has a thing for Nancy, but Nancy knows it's just gratitude from when she helped Lyons when he was shot.

Marisa runs into an old solider friend in the morning, Casey, who is out on leave from the Army and looking for trouble. Marisa invites Casey to come along with her in the helicopter, but Casey wants her to blow off all her responsibilities today. Meanwhile Dan and his son Zack are having a "welcome home from college" meal at a local restaurant. Suddenly there is a gang shooting outside and one of the bullets hits Dan.

Nancy and Glenn are first on the scene, but Nancy has to remind Glenn that because it's a crime scene, he has to ask before he touches anything. Nancy and Glenn check out Dan, but Zack is more interested in finding the guy who shot his father. Outside, Lyons has caught the shooter, but he's not treating him gently. In fact, Lyons brutally assaults the criminal and Glenn can't believe what he sees. One of the cops asks Nancy to write up a fake report about what happened, but Nancy says they need to get the patient to the hospital.

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