Castle's Creator Discusses the Show's Double Identity

On Monday's episode of Castle (10/9c, ABC) Detective Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) investigate the murder of a man who appears to have a double identity, a concept not unfamiliar to the show's creator, Andrew W. Marlowe.

No, Marlowe doesn't lead a double life, but his show is increasingly a mix of cops-and-robbers procedural fun and good ol' family drama. "Both Nathan and Stana have settled into their roles, and ... we've had the opportunity to open up some of our supporting cast members," Marlowe tells "We think they're doing a terrific job creating a real family ensemble show. We're trying to be unlike other procedurals on TV; we're trying to bring some humor and character into procedural storytelling."

At the center of it all is Fillion, who brings the funny both at the crime scene and at home with his teenage daughter (Molly Quinn) and live-in mother (Susan Sullivan). "I think the fun thing about [the character of] Castle is you're kind of able to see him as a complete man," Marlowe says, "Sometimes when he's with Beckett, you have the 12-year-old juvenile Castle, and then when he's at home, you see him very much as a strong father figure. We like showing that multifaceted approach because in real life, none of us are one person. We all play a series of different roles, whether it's with our lover or our parents or our kids or our colleagues. To be able to do that only opens up the character."

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