Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 9 - Thank You

Boone is determined to make a great Thanksgiving dinner tonight, so much so he takes Tyler with him to pick out a live turkey. Boone thinks this is the first Thanksgiving he is actually going to be able to be there for his family. However, when push comes to shove, Boone can't buy a real live turkey. Tyler tells Boone that if he really wants to impress Sela with a turkey dinner to make her a Turducken, a famous Cajun dish. Boone thinks that sounds more like chicken incest.

Nancy visits with her father, brother and stepmother and lets them know that she's off her shift at three and that she won't be bringing anyone this year. Marisa talks to her cousin Vivian, who is coming out for Thanksgiving and thinks that Rabbit would get along with her. Marisa tries to invite Rabbit along for dinner, but he says he already has plans.

While a wife is setting the table for Thanksgiving, her husband readies the turkey fryer. As the man dips the frozen turkey in the hot oil, he misses the warning label: NEVER INSERT FROZEN POULTRY INTO HOT OIL. Frozen turkey plus hot oil equals disaster in this equation! The second the frozen turkey hits the hot oil, a massive explosion sends the man flying into the air.

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