Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 10 - Blue Balloon

Nancy and Glenn are just about to wrap up their shift when Glenn starts to get wise that Nancy might be seeing someone. Nancy tells Glenn to drop it. Meanwhile an argument at a gas station leads one man to choke and go into cardiac arrest. Ricky, the man who started the argument, tries to save the man by giving him the Heimlich and then CPR. Nancy and Glenn respond to the choking and cardiac arrest right before their shift is about to end! Nancy wishes for a dull moment.

Once Nancy gets to the scene, she realizes the man is suffering from a broken rib from when he was given the Heimlich by Ricky. Nancy warns Ricky to take a CPR course because he could have cost the man his life. Later, Nancy comes home to Rabbit, who is waiting in bed for her. The two kiss passionately after Nancy tells him about her last call.

Rabbit and Nancy drive into work together, but Rabbit realizes that they can't show up in the same car because then people will know that they are dating. So, Nancy gets out a few blocks before the station. At the station, Boone asks Captain Basra for a desk job. Basra tells Boone to hold the desk for him today while he is at his daughter's soccer game.

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