'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Naked, Wet and Smelly

After last week's America's Next Top Model premiere, a 90-minute mash of casting calls, makeovers and a tiny sliver of drama on the side (I believe the scientific term is a "fustercluck"), who even knew what we were going to get in this 90-minute episode?

I didn't. You didn't. The models and the judges didn't, clearly, because the editing made them look CRAZY busy. Which was actually reassuring, because I didn't feel alone in my confusion that the format of this show used to be challenge-photo shoot-elimination, but now it's photo shoot-elimination-challenge-photo shoot-elimination? But only for this week? Naduwhaaaa? Tonight everybody was like skinny chickens with their heads chopped off, which is a shame because there was a BRAND NEW weave on that head, and now it's all dirty and dead.

What I'm trying to say is that there were two photo shoots, a runway challenge, one big fight, two eliminations, and about six billion adjectives spoken by Andre Leon Talley in an hour and a half. Tyra, you crazy for this one!

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