Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 12 - Protocol

Rabbit and Nancy spend some quality time with each other in the morning before work. Nancy desperately tries to convince Rabbit that he may benefit by talking to a shrink instead of dealing with his problems by sleeping with her. She also reminds him that being on suspension is not a vacation. Meanwhile, there's a celebration at the office because Glenn helped deliver his first baby. And everyone misses Rabbit--but Nancy is still keeps her relationship with him a secret.

Robert, on his way home from a job he just quit, hits a deer with his car and is severely injured. Marisa and her new partner, Andy, come to the scene and things don't look good. One thing's for sure, Andy is not Rabbit--and they are not able to save Robert's life. This affects Andy, and makes Marisa worried about Rabbit, who usually shows no emotion at the fatalities they face every day.

Rabbit agrees to go to therapy and during his session the therapist runs down the list of examples of Rabbit's insubordination. Rabbit feels that the FBI agent deserved blood smeared on his face, but he is hesitant to talk about the helicopter crash. However, he promises his therapist that he is ready to make a change.

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