Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 9 - Ms. Hellfire

Prue is on the phone trying to schedule a flight and manage to have her Tae-Bo class when her cellular phone rings. Her boss is waiting for her at a Buckland’s reunion so she has to fly. While her, Piper and Phoebe are talking, someone starts shooting their house so they hide behind a coach. They’re surprised by the hit-woman but Prue is able to slow the bullets down and sends them back, killing her.

While waiting for Darryl to get there, they go through her stuff and get her next victim’s name. When he finally arrives, they have to tell him their secret so he’ll help them. Phoebe and him go to the next victim’s house while Prue and Piper go to Buckland’s before going to the hit-woman’s apartment. Phoebe and Morris get there in time to save the woman who’s an apprentice witch and who thinks she saved them from the explosion because of the protection spell she cast earlier.

At Buckland’s, Prue learns that she and Jack have to find 100,000$ if she doesn’t wanna lose her job. While talking to Jack, she suddenly steps out of her body and appears in front of Piper and then comes back to Jack. It seems like her power grew so she can now use astral projection. At the apartment, the two find out the woman’s name is Ms. Hellfire and Prue can’t help herself so she tries on some of her clothes. While smelling roses, she’s surprised by Hellfire’s bosses who tell her to come with them. Piper freezes everyone but Prue wants to go undercover and see why they wanted to kill them.

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