Recap Trauma: Season 1, Episode 13 - 13

Rabbit makes a breakthrough in therapy when he tells his doctor about how his father died in a horrible fire that Rabbit accidentally caused. When the medic arrived on the scene, he gave Rabbit his nickname for running so fast to the telephone to call for help. Rabbit hasn't told anyone about it--he lost his father at 13, and he feels that it's his fault. Rabbit's doctor wants to journey back to what Rabbit saw that day, which inspired him to become a paramedic. The doctor believes Rabbit has what is called the Hero Complex, but does not have PTSD. Rabbit has been trying to save his father, but he'll never be able to do it. She orders Rabbit to go back to work--even though he's a mess.

Boone spends some time with his family before work and they are starting to have some financial issues--and Sela hopes Boone will get the captain position at work. Diana's a bit disheveled at work and Glenn's also late and Nancy's onto him. Glenn knows that Nancy was with Rabbit--but she wants to know who Glenn is with--he does have a hickey, after all.

Tyler is mad that Captain Cal has gotten rid of all the energy drinks. Tyler lets Captain Cal know he's gay, just to make him uncomfortable. Meanwhile, at a junkyard, a car falls on top of a worker's arm and traps him. Marisa gets the call and is a bit surprised to see Rabbit back in action. Marisa tells Rabbit she needs to know that he can do the job and although he tells her he's not sure, she's happy with that answer. At the junkyard, Rabbit does his best to free the trapped worker from the car.

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