Recap Charmed: Season 2, Episode 10 - Heartbreak City

Cupid is busily matching up lovers when a hate demon named Drazi steals Cupid's powerful ring and goes about breaking up all the happy couples and causing hate in the world, which causes Cupid physical pain. Cupid comes to the Charmed ones for help. Prue is happily dating Jack, Piper is happily dating Dan, and Cupid keeps telling Phoebe how her heart is closed to love which is why she doesn't have a boyfriend. The three sisters easily vanquish Drazi, but he disappears with Cupid's ring, so while her older sisters are out on dates at P3, Phoebe helps Cupid concoct a potion to get home and get a new ring. Phoebe and Cupid show up at the club with the potion and a spell that the three sisters have to say together to get Cupid home, but Drazi, not vanquished at all, shows up as well. It turns out Cupid's ring saved him and so he uses the ring to break up Prue and Piper's newest relationships. Phoebe and Cupid go about using non-supernatural means of getting the broken up couples back together, causing Drazi the same physical pain that Cupid was earlier feeling. Drazi hunts Cupid down to stop him, and the sisters really vanquish Drazi this time, making sure the Cupid has his ring back before getting rid of the hate demon.

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