THE AMAZING RACE 16 Season Premiere Review

Eleven teams start their journey in Los Angeles and go to Chile for the first leg of the race. This year, the teams have more "celebrities" (emphasis on the quotes) than ever with a few familiar faces such as Caite Upton who is none other than the infamous Miss Teen South Carolina who gave a bumbling response to the question: "why one-fifth of Americans can't find the U.S. on a map?".

I know, very cringy, Right. Who knew that this moment would open up so many doors for her? Including the chance to win One Million Dollars. She will surprise you in the season premiere as being a fearless competitor with the right kind of attitude. Definitely someone to watch out for.

We also have "Big Brother" contestants Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder who are also pretty strong competitors although they were super awkward when they were together on camera. Seriously, they hugged like they were brother and sister at some point.

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