The Hills: Speidi to Write "How to Be Famous"

Taking a leaf out of best-selling author Lauren Conrad's book are Heidi and Spencer Pratt, who are reportedly coming up with a tale of their own. The two controversial stars of MTV's The Hills are plotting to pen "How to Be Famous" and release it this fall.

According to MTV News, Spencer and Heidi will be joining forces for the tome, much to the indifference of many. Are these two joined at the hip or something? Anyway, they've posted details of the upcoming book on their Twitter pages.

"I hope once the Speidi written book 'How to Be Famous!' that comes out this fall people will hate less because we shared the blue print," Spencer Pratt wrote. "After 'How to Be Famous' hits stores you will have no excuse to be jealous of Speidi fame for 'nothing.' Go get your own fame it's easy!"

Spencer and Heidi Montag have finally put their attention-grabbing efforts to use, but whether it's a good thing is yet to be known. It's no surprise that they would come up with a book like this, since chasing after fame is the only thing they've perfected.

Also, we doubt Speidi will receive less hate for their writing efforts. Then again, they'll be causing a ruckus whatever they do. Whether it's embarking on a career in rap or posing for Playboy, the notorious Hills couple is bound to make headlines in the entertainment world.

If they weren't already famous enough, Speidi has added yet another item to their diverse sum's. The 22-year-old Heidi has been pegged to perform for the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant. According to Us Magazine, she'll be singing "Turn Ya Head," which is off her upcoming debut album Unleashed.

Since it sounds like that won't satisfy them, Spencer has been nursing delusions of starring in yet another reality show. He's already conquered the jungles of Costa Rica on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here and he's setting himself to go even further: in space.

"I just heard Conan O'Brien said that people want to send me to Mars!?" Pratt tweeted. "If NASA let's me I will do a reality show of Speidi moving to Mars."

Hopefully, they won't ever come back. But knowing how indecisive Speidi is, they'll find a way. They always do, and that's just creepy.

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