Love Bones

Im so into forensic/crime investigation person and who can blame me, CSI is one of the most brilliant series ever made. However, Bones gave crime scene investigations a new character into it. Given the great combination of the casts, Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan made me look forward to every episode. I actually cant get enough of it. Too bad they put it on hold till April though. Nonetheless, I'll say it's worth the wait and time. The reviews i read so far is right about this series. They created Bones to appear like CSI with

a character into. Dont get me wrong, Horatio Cane definitely has character but the whole

Jeffersonian squints plus Booth gave this series a whole lot of unique tast

e into it. Lighter mood with grossier corpses because most of them are decomp unlike CSI. To wrap this up, Im a huge fan of CSI but i dont see Bones to be its copycat but a different side or you may say world of crime scene investigation. A must watch series.


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