'The Amazing Race 16' Recap: Counting Fails in Chile (Not China, Jordan)

It used to be that watching The Amazing Race was about the race itself: the places they go to, the oddities they experience, the fact that armchair travelers like me can go "woot!" at it all. Now, sixteen seasons in, it's about the racer. When the eleven teams approach the starting line, I start thinking about how they'll deal with the race: the ones that annoy the hell out of you, the ones that become an easy favorite, and the ones that run a race so solid, you can predict their win from the very beginning.

This season's teams quite an interesting bunch. There are the familiar faces: Jordan and Jeff from Big Brother, and Brent and Caite... well, it's Caite who's famous for going "South Africa, and the Iraq, everywhere like such as" on us three years ago. In between, there's your usual married couple, parent-child team, sibling team (although one of them, the other Jordan of the season, is gay)... and cowboys, and a triathlete grandma-grandkid pair and undercover detectives, and a lesbian couple. Interesting bunch, more or less.

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