So You Think You Can Dance: The One That Makes Everyone Cry

Even before last night's show started, we knew something special was coming. Head judge Nigel Lythgoe had tweeted earlier: "You all know I like to tease you about the show. Well tonight has an historic routine that will always be talked about from now on. Amazing." The moment we heard what Tyce Diorio's inspiration for his contemporary routine was, we knew exactly what Nigel was meant. That's also just about the point when we started crying ourselves. Let's just say, if So You Think You Can Dance titled routines ala Friends, this one would be: "The One That Makes Everyone Cry."

Because it would seem it wasn't just the judges and me who got teary eyed over Melissa and Ade's routine. Tons of you left comments about how moving and emotional the piece was for you, so I wanted to take the time to share those comments and a video of the routine. I wanted to do so because I think this routine shed light on the power of dance and made it clear how many of us have been personally touched and affected by cancer.

f you haven't watched it, and even if you have, seriously, have tissues ready. I watched it at work this morning and bawled...luckily, I was the first one in the office. Even a day after he first saw the routine performed, Nigel said he was still emotional over the piece: "Me and Mia are still crying." And lets be honest, if it makes the increasingly cranky Nigel cry, you know you're hitting on some powerful universal emotion.

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