Recap: "I'm Sorry Whit"

There's more trouble in paradise as Jay's band, Tamarama, is heading out on tour for two months. Of course Jay hasn't shared the news with his girl, Whitney. But he does tell his former roommate, Adam, who reminds him that there will be "girls throwing their panties on stage" for him. After hearing their music, I tend to not agree. But anyway, Adam actually gives insightful advice by telling Jay he needs to either leave as a single man or as someone who's going to stick by Whitney's side. Whatever he decides, Adam says, he needs to tell her soon.

After last week's DVF debacle, Whitney is able to redeem herself and prove to her bosses that she really is the one behind all the work. When her boss, Emese, gives her the task of explaining the new handbag collection and Olivia the task of pitching it, Whitney is a bit nervous about presenting in front of 25 people. Olivia, on the other hand, thinks it's going to be fine and super-easy. Of course, at presentation time, Whitney knocks it out of the park, and Olivia, um, well, uh, stumbles on her words, to say the least. Way to go, Whit.

Too bad Whitney's love life isn't going as smoothly as her work life. Jay finally tells her at dinner that he's going on tour, that he has known since before their Miami trip a few weekends before and that, oh yeah - he's leaving in five days. Needless to say, his girlfriend isn't thrilled. But while Jay harps on the fact that he doesn't think Whitney trusts him, she's more upset that he didn't tell her when he found out. "I can't force you to be honest with me," Whitney says right before walking out, then adds: "You need to find somewhere else to stay tonight." She then says, "Maybe you should call Danielle," which seemed like an obvious voice-over to me.

Whitney chats with her girls about the Jay situation. She doesn't like that she's opened up her life to him but he doesn't have the decency to be honest with her. It's one thing after another. "I'm drowning in this," she says.

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