Recap: Episode 5.10 "6 Chefs Compete"

Previously on Hell's Kitchen: the chefs got crabby in their challenge, and Gordon got even crabbier with Carol during dinner service, and she got the surprise boot during elimination.

Tonight we've been promised high tensions as the remaining chefs join forces to form one team, an intense challenge with the best reward for the winner yet, a painful physical punishment for the losers, and one trip to the medic!

After Carol's elimination, the chefs return to the dorms. Bentensity and Robert are shocked and relieved that they avoided elimination. Robert confesses that he's not in the game to make friends, and he'll step on anyone to get to the top.

Challenge day: Ramsay Paula who the weakest chef on the Red team is, and she says Andrea. He asks Danny about the Blue team, and he says Ben.

He has Ben and Andrea step forward, and the lights dim. Is someone going home? Ramsay asks Ben why he should stay, and he says he's a leader who hasn't peaked, and he's strong. Andrea also says she has leadership and talent, and she's never given up or even come close to it. Ramsay asks both Andrea and Ben to take off their jackets! Whoa!

Wait - nevermind. He tells them that to take off their jackets because they're part of the final Black team. Each man and woman for him and herself! They all get new black jackets.

Challenge time: The winner is going to San Francisco on a culinary tour with Chef Ramsay. Danny wants the prize so badly he can taste it. The challenge: each chef has the 14 same ingredients with which to make a creative dish. They have to use them all. They have 30 minutes.

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