'Breaking Bad' Season 3, Episode 7 - 'One Minute' Recap

How did the cousins become the cold, unfeeling mutants we've perceived them to be? It started with a dunk in the beer bucket. Uncle's lesson may have been about family, but what sunk in to the youthful psychopaths was how to kill someone in one minute. A minute would turn out to be their undoing ...

Picking up from last week, Hank erupted and attacked Jesse viciously, but why on earth did Jesse let him walk through the door? Was Jesse looking for a beat down, because he had to anticipate this bull of a man was not there to chat. The gravity of what Hank did was played realistically, and if Hank listened to Marie, he would have lied about the incident. He chose to man up and accept what he did, that he broke the law, even if it meant the end of his career.

Jesse's rage was on full display in two scenes -- the initial one when Saul and Walt visited him in the hospital, then later with just Walt. This anger has been building since Jane's death and his stint in rehab. Jesse has shown flashes of it before, but after getting beaten by Hank -- basically taking the punishment for the whole RV in the scrap yard situation -- Pinkman let loose. His tirade about how he would destroy Hank's life and haunt him for years to come shook Walt to the core. It even made Saul wonder about 'alternatives.'

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