Review: The Venture Bros. - Pinstripes & Poltergeists (mid-season finale) Season 4, Episode 8

My heart is all aflutter. Talk about ending on a high note (Venture Bros. will return to finish the season in a few months, Lost-style). Just like "The Better Man," this Doc Hammer-penned episode was the perfect balance of great story and VB's signature comedy. There were so many great moments, quotable lines, and much-missed familiar faces, this quickly turned into one of my favorite episodes from any season, right up there with "Escape to the House of Mummies, Part II" and "Twenty Years to Midnight."

First things first, it was amazing to see 24 return, even in a sort of ghost form. Opening the episode with yet another mindless 21/24 exchange was precious and raised some interesting points. All those secret tips seem to have played an integral part in 21's transformation into a legitimately effective henchman.

However, 24's presence still doesn't answer the question of who crossed the name off the list at the super-end of "Return to Malice." He mentioned that he can't move things because he's a not poltergeist, and that's information we can trust only after we believe that 24's ghost isn't just a figment of 21's desperate, lonely imagination. Whatever, I'm just thrilled to see 21 and 24 saying stupid things to each other again, so I can wait for answers.

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