'Cougar Town' - 'Letting You Go' Episode 21 Recap

We've known from the beginning of this series how close she is to her son Travis; it's a twisted 'Gilmore Girls' situation, where a young mom is relating to her kid more as a buddy than as a mom. But thrown into the buddy mix is Jules' paralyzing fear that Travis is going to grow up and leave her all alone. So when you see Jules make a sport out of watching her son sleep -- she calls it the "sleepy show" to Laurie and Ellie when they join in -- you're not nearly as creeped out as you should be.

And that, my friends, is why this show has managed to transcend its original premise and succeed.

Like I've said before, the only aspect of this first season that I don't really buy is the whole Jules-Grayson flirtation. For some reason, it never really felt real to me, more like the usual will-they-won't-they mishegas. So when they finally hooked up at the end of the episode, I didn't throw my fist in the air or say "Finally!" I just shrugged. They just work better as neighbors and buddies, doing things like dancing to Enya in front of Andy while Ellie is asleep. That's where the fun is in their characters. So color me unexcited about this pairing.

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