24: ''Day 8: 6:00 PM-8:00 PM'' Review

24's off to a rocky start this season. Aside from a truly shocking and surprising ending to the second night of the two-night premiere, the majority of "Day 8: 6:00 PM-8:00 PM" was filled with underwhelming stories and rather ridiculous character motivations and changes. Katee Sackhoff's Dana/Jenny storyline has already become annoying, Renee Walker's been given a complete character overhaul, and Jack has a paper-thin reason to stick around.

While I initially found the concept that Dana Walsh was a different person named Jenny to be somewhat interesting in the first two hours of Day 8, that storyline has become old and completely unbelievable in an amazingly short period of time. CTU NY seems to be a much more secure location than past incarnations of CTU that we've seen -- e.g., the visitors' entrance seems to be the only thing above ground level, giving potential attackers less ways to get in. Yet we're to believe that Kevin Wade not only found out Dana works there but also found out CTU NY's location (apparently without even knowing what "CTU" is)? Then Dana/Jenny (Denny?) gave her apartment key to the crazy Kevin... and right there is when I stopped caring about this storyline. I think Katee Sackhoff is a great actress and I loved watching her on Battlestar Galactica but now I'm sad I have to watch her get weepy while a crazy guy trashes the stuff in Denny's apartment, after she gave him her key.

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