Recap: "Everything Must Go"

This episode found many of the Walkers struggling to give up something of value in order to move forward with their lives, regardless of the emotional consequences. Nora found herself selling off William's old possessions to make way for a new office. Kitty had to give up being Robert's "stellar" communications director to publish her book. Kevin was tempted to replace Kitty on Robert's staff, but it would mean giving up all the work he had done toward becoming partner. Sadly, Rebecca doesn't get a reward for what she gives up: Her seemingly good-intentioned attempt to move past her issues of distrust with Holly only brings Rebecca more reason to keep her distance.

Nora decides she needs more office space to launch her charity, but when her plan to move William's furniture to the garage reveals a lifetime's worth of memories, Nora plans a yard sale. (Hey she'll even get money to start her non-profit!) Justin seems a little weirded out by Nora's determination to ship off William' s things, but can't get any one else in the family to see it his way. He's even scolded by Sarah and Saul, who with Kevin, assist Nora in sorting through everything, despite having to take a break from their "sublime" weekday afternoon by the pool. When Tommy came over to claim his childhood memories before Nora sold them away, he cleared the room. Saul and Kevin headed out for pizza and Sarah did her best to look invisible, despite Tommy talking about the time capsule the two buried as kids. When Tommy couldn't be ignored, the two argued about Sarah's quitting some more, with Tommy accusing Sarah of not being able to stick around because she no longer was the boss. Sarah then takes a shot at Tommy, claiming he's just upset because their dad brought her in over Tommy, while Tommy maintains that he's now in charge because Sarah failed. Last word goes to Sarah: "You're just Holly's little b***h." Classy.

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