'Big Brother 12' Recap: The Mean Girls vs. Everyone

Girls can be so mean. When guys have a problem with one another, they address it head on, but as Big Brother 12 proves, girls prefer to act two-faced, making catty comments about one another behind each others' backs. The biggest perpetrators are Monet and Britney, and it's not surprising that both of them have competed in beauty pageants.

This pair of mean girls is vicious, mocking everyone and acting smug and superior. Like every season of Big Brother, they are this year's crop of self-satisfied, arrogant HGs who think they're better than everyone else.

Vs. Andrew

The mean girls hate Andrew. After Rachel wins HoH he celebrated because he was certain Britney and Monet would target him. They take offense to this, probably because his excitement was an act of genuine honesty without subterfuge, and the mean girls are all about being superficial and two-faced. They also criticize his body, which is just catty.

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