Humpday: Review

Moving one step beyond "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" into transgressive sex comedy territory, "Humpday" is a visually mangy but frequently hilarious low-budgeter about two straight buddies who try to rise to the challenge of performing together in an amateur porn video. Although its subject matter and slapdash look will limit it to indie-friendly auds, Lynn Shelton's vibrant third feature could actually prove to be a fun date-night attraction with edge-seeking young viewers of all persuasions.

Shot in a manner that feels as improvised as the dialogue, "Humpday" nonetheless possesses a comic structure as rigorous as any "I Love Lucy" episode. Shelton extensively outlined every scene and worked out the characters with her skilled actors, who were then turned loose to provide the words.

It's a risky approach that's turned out well here, applied to a gamey high concept. From the opening shot of Ben (Mark Duplass) and wife Anna (Alycia Delmore) enjoying a little intimate bed talk, Shelton frames the action to emphasize physical contact, and it's the potential of physicality of a very particular kind that gives the film its special comic anxiety.

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