Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 2, Episode 20 - Investigations

Neelix attempts to start a ship-wide information broadcast program as an attempt to raise crew morale. His initial reports are negative as he soon learns that Tom Paris is leaving the ship for good.

If that wasn't bad enough (it was), Neelix and the others also found out someone on board has betrayed the crew and is sending out information to the enemy, the Kazon. For a while it seems to be Tom Paris, as he actually meets up with Seska and the Kazon. Neelix even portrays this point of view on his morning broadcast program. By necessity, Neelix learns that Paris' leaving the ship and ending up with the Kazon was all part of an act to flush out a suspected traitor on board. The Maquis members of the crew, including Chakotay, had specifically not been told as it was suspected the traitor was Maquis.

Neelix eventually discovers who the real traitor is, none other than Michael Jonas, an engineer. Jonas locks down Engineering and injures Neelix, all in an attempt to draw Voyager into a trap laid by Kazon forces. Neelix recovers and attacks Jonas. During the battle, Jonas falls over a second floor railing and into the plasma stream from a ruptured conduit. Tom Paris returns after damaging the Kazon ship and stealing a shuttle.

Source: Wikipedia

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