Next Design Sta-arrrrgh!

Well, that's gonna leave a mark. On HGTV's fantastically fun Next Design Star last night, we got one of those to-DIY-for moments that should be de rigueur on shows where folks are actually dealing with dangerous equipment, but are actually rarely seen: an injury.

While framing out a desk during an FDNY challenge, Michael (the cute but kind of whiny one) got a little too handy with a nail gun and wound up blowing a 5-incher right through his thumb. Thankfully, the incident went down in the best place possible - after all, ya got a whole bunch of dudes trained for triage right there - and the designer was swiftly tended to, and shipped off to the ER. While this was certainly alarming, Michael's injury did serve to fire up his teammates, who tackled the rest of the task and turned out a smokin' design that, thank the lord, finally hosed nasty Nina right out of the competition.

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