Recap: "The Truth Hurts"

On this week's The City, Allie gets hit with the cold, hard truth, and Erin decides it's time to go out and get herself a job. At lunch, Erin tells the girls that everything is just amaaaaazing because Whitney is working at DVF, Sammy got that Bergdorf job, Allie is modeling and Erin has been busy, uh, organizing her closet? Whitney tells her that if she wants to work on a career, it's time to do something about it. Allie then offers to hook her up with her manager Scott, who's in the process of hiring. Then Whitney brings up a big birthday party coming up for Kelly Cutrone. After last week's fiasco with the BF, Allie says, "I'm there, girl's night out, I need it."

Since everything happens so fast on MTV time, Erin already has a meeting set with Scott. If this scenario isn't reminiscent of Heidi's foray into Bolthouse on The Hills, I don't know what is. Anywho, he asks her what's she done for the last year and half since graduating and she mentions that she's unofficially been styling and doing some soul-searching as well. He seems to like her and tells her about the open production coordinator position, which we later find out he offers to her.

Later that day, Whitney, Erin and Allie are chatting about Kelly's upcoming party. Whit warns the girls that she tends to say exactly what's on her mind and Allie says that she loves people like that. If she only knew. Whitney also tells them that if Kelly likes you, she's the best, but if she doesn't, you do not want to be around her. So they head out to the party and upon introductions, Allie immediately asks Kelly what she thinks of her outfit, you know since she's so honest and all.

Allie gets a little more than she bargained for, because Kelly proceeds to ask her, "Are you okay? You're so skinny." Even after Allie says she's fine, Kelly says, "Well, that's a question you need to ask yourself." Ouch. After Kelly continues to harp on her, Allie finally walks out. I love the side comment from the guy next to Kelly: "You're a lot of fun."

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