Your Final Four announced on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

The most cruel of all "So You Think You Can Dance" eliminations have finally come. Only four will make it to the finals...

The group number this week is to "Send In The Clowns" by Judy Collins. Ugh. I could do without all the contestants dressed up like harlequin clown dolls. It's actually quite distracting. And creepy. Because I hate clowns. Seriously, I can't even objectively assess this one. Of course Tyce D'Orio choreographed it because apparently it's his mission in life to torment me.

Host Cat Deeley, who looked fab last night, is wearing a very sparkly green frock that reminds me of Christmas. Lil' C returns tonight along with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.

After a recap of last night and a commercial break, we get to the results for the ladies. The one girl guaranteed into the finale so far is Jeanine. Yay! This doesn't mean she got the most votes this week, just that she's in and I'm good with that. Mary and Lil' C stood up and applauded.

Next up, Jessica & Will return to perform the Tyce Contemporary number that was nominated for an Emmy - "Silence" from the "Unfaithful" soundtrack. It's nice to see these two again, especially since Jessica was given such a hard time last season. They do a great job.

Back from another break, it's time for the guys' results. And, to no one's surprise but Brandon, he's just been given direct passage to the Top 4. Our next flashback Emmy-nominated reprise is courtesy of Stephen "Twitch" Boss & Katee Shean performing "Mercy" by Duffy - aka the Mia Michael's Door Number. There was a bit of prop snafu - the door wouldn't stay closed - but they recovered/covered very well. They really attacked it - a fantastic job from two of my Season 4 favorites.

Chelsie Hightower & season 4 champ Joshua Allen return to perform their Dmitry Chaplin Tango to "A Los Amigos" from "Forever Tango," also nominated for an Emmy. Joshua shaved his head - I like it. And Chelsie's outfit is delish. Love those shimmy dresses. Bringing back the Emmy-nominated numbers is a great idea. They should do this every season.

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