'Burn Notice' rips our hearts out

"Burn Notice" brings the hurt this week -- not with torture or evil (although there's a bit of that) but with an emotional gut-punch.

Michael gets a job from Strickler -- track the Cleaner who clears the scene of a weapons heist with a firebomb or two. Subtle! For this, he enlists the help of the women in his life -- Fi to do some tracking, and Maddy to blend in at a local bingo parlor. Both do their jobs admirable.

But there's another job -- someone has stolen Barry's ledger, which contains all the details of all the accounts that he uses to launder funds. Someone is blackmailing him to get it back. Barry calls in all his favors to get Michael to help. They quickly determine that Barry's new ladylove, Amy, helped in the theft. Amy is unwilling to talk, until Fi shows that her car is rigged to explode -- by blowing it up with a well=placed brick. She points them to the house where she met with the guy who set Barry up.

Michael and Sam toss the house but don't find the ledger. They're interrupted in their search by the perps -- a brutal thug with an accent and a terrified woman he slaps around. Since they can't very well disguise their presence, Michael and Sam kidnap the pair. The woman, Natalie, says she's just the real estate agent, she knows nothing! She weeps whenever Sam even tries to ask her a question, so Michael sends in Fi to gain her trust. It works -- Natalie soon tells Fi about the place her employer rented.

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