American Idol Episode Recap: Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On Wednesday's American Idol, we finally got our top 24! There weren't really any shocking surprises or unjust eliminations along the way, but rest assured, there were a few more sad stories for the road. Let's all raise a glass to these mighty fallen soldiers of song.

Hey folks! Mickey O'Connor here, filling in for Adam Bryant, who's on vacation this week. It's a good time for me to chime in, as it's usually at this point in the season where I start caring. I'm not a fan of the sophisticated system of humiliation and torture that these early weeks of the competition have made their stock-in-trade, so frankly I'm glad it's over.

But let's get to the good news. Since it was only an hour and there were 17 finalists yet to be named, it was a surprisingly fat-free episode of American Idol - not that there wasn't any unnecessary time-wasting going on, but we'll get to that.

Right off the bat, an emotional Janell Wheeler is granted admission into Idol's Valhalla. She unwisely uses her moment in the spotlight to trash her job at a wine distributor, which she is now very excited about quitting. She will sorely regret this decision over the next few weeks, as once she's eliminated she'll have a harsh reckoning when she realizes the high price of "self-medication" these days. Free wine? Don't burn that kind of bridge, Janell!

Tyler Grady also gets good news, which Kara is happy about because young Tyler "gets his moves from the '70s," she says. He lists Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey and Jim Morrison among his musical inspirations, which he learned about from his DVD collection. This makes me feel like if I was a resident of Planet Tyler, I would be euthanized for being ancient.

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