im back with some up to date info on the heroes saga leading up to volume 3: villains.

for those who dont want to be spoiled please look away now.

right, first off, i saw a trailer on YouTube about volume 3 and have acquired this info due to what i saw and what i have been told (my sources).

*Unfortunatly sylar is pissed off and not to mention the company stripped him of his powers.

*volume 3 will show new villains in a "legion" with sylar being the founder and will ultimatly take down the company.

*adam will find a new friend and be freed. could it be sylar?

*in the trailer matt parkman is killed by sylar, slicing of the neck.

*angela petrelli gets punched by a guy who appears to have a metallic like hand, liquification maybe?

*now im stumped by this one but its possible elle dies too.

sylar gets to her in the end. but a possibility she could work with him.

*claude the invisible guy will return to help petter.

*another episode of the future will be around on the cards again to showcase future hiro and peter and sylar.

*kaito nakamura has powers, yes you heard it hes very powerful too so im told.

so there you have it, feel free to share opinions on this new info, i will say now it is not 100% fact yet.

most sources were aquired from a website and many thanks to them for sharing this info.

all credit goes to myself and

this is sypher bringing you, the fans, the info you deserve!


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