Recap Charmed: Season 6, Episode 11 - Witchstock

Chris orbs Phoebe from Hong Kong to help Piper vanquish a slime demon. Since the demon is attracted to magic, Phoebe levitates to lure it out, and Piper blows it up. They don't realize, though, that while the slime was blown to pieces, it wasn't vanquished. They carry bits of the slime home on their clothes, and it begins to reform.

At the manor, Paige and Phoebe go upstairs to their old rooms to pick up a few things, only to discover that Piper has converted Phoebe's bedroom to an exercise room, and Paige's bedroom to Wyatt's nursery. Piper says she packed all their stuff into boxes and put them in the attic.

As the sisters go through the boxes, they come across one marked "Penny." It contains some old clothes that belonged to Grams. Phoebe pulls out a pair of red boots. They're Paige's size, and Phoebe convinces her to try them on. The next instant, Paige disappears in a pouf of smoke.

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