'Caprica' Recap: My brain hurts so good Episode 7

I try not to talk too much about Battlestar Galactica in these recaps. I feel that I'd be doing Caprica a bit of a disservice; this new show is still barely half a season old, while BSG exists now as a complete story, in 75 chapters (plus webisodes.) Moreover, since Caprica is a spin-off and a prequel, there's always the danger that a comparison would just lead us down rhetorical dead ends. I like Caprica for what it is: the weirdest, smartest, and most consistently surprising show on TV.

How surprising? Last night's episode was titled 'The Imperfections of Memory,' which sounds like a college textbook for Psych 101, or maybe a fake textbook in a Borges short story. Viewers, I thought the first half of last night's episode was the worst we've seen of Caprica yet. There was the arrival of an imaginary dead brother, and the counterbalancing descent of Amanda Graystone into a depressive ennui that's beginning to feel like self-parody. There was Tad Thorean, overexplaining everything about New Cap City in case we didn't get it the first five times. There was Zoe on a Viper date with her darling Philo, in a special-effects sequence so non sequitur and awful that I could swear the writers overheard some BSG fans who were missing all those old Viper fights and decided, in a fit of pique, to throw a couple of Vipers in their faces.

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