Brand New A-Team Character Featurettes

Meet The A-Team. They're not just any old team, you know. They're the team, not just a team, you know, The A-Team. Confused?

We weren't, what with us spending far too long watching the original series and regularly humming the theme tune as we march out of the office every evening, but the guys behind new film adaptation thought you might need a crash course in all things B.A., Faceman, Murdock and Hannibal.

Cue these half-minute long introductions to the main four hosted over at Yahoo! Movies, cutting together footage you may have previously seen in earlier trailers, but dropping in a couple of fresh quips from each of the team.

Especially of interest is Sharlto Copley's Murdock (he of District 9 fame), as he seems to have nailed the accent, and looks like he'll be the best thing in it, if only for jump starting a car with a pair of defribillators.

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