The Simpsons Season 21, Episode 18: "Chief of Hearts" Review

There was a lot to enjoy in "Chief of Hearts." Pairing Homer with Wiggum had not been something overdone by the series, so having the two at the center of the episode had a certain freshness to it. The story maybe not so much, but the pairing worked.

It all started with Homer's misinterpreted armed robbery at the Springfield bank. I thought his hidden candy apple and his caramel-filled mouth were a great way to get the story rolling. I also loved his rants against doing community service. "I want to go to jail. Free food! Teardrop tattoos! Library books that come to you! I'll serve anything but the community!" That it was a cooler full of food that made Homer and Wiggum fast friends was no surprise.

Their misadventures together were entertaining. It was fun to learn about the versatility of police pants. Learning that Wiggum's underwear is specially made by a village in the Ukraine was another standout. ("They call me Daddy Round Round.") I wasn't expecting to see Chief Wiggum get shot, but Homer's bedside vigil made for a satisfying montage of bits. The episode took an interesting turn as Wiggum became needy and their friendship hit the rocks, and then the pair needed to work together again to free themselves from Fat Tony. Overall, the story had an interesting path and there were a good number of successful bits throughout to keep things entertaining and funny.

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