Burn Notice: "Fast Friends" Review Season 4, Episode 2

"For the record, I already hate everything about this." I know I'm not the only one who loves Bruce Campbell and thinks that they should do more with Sam's character on Burn Notice, but at least in "Fast Friends" we got to see him spice up the proceedings with a bit more humor than usual. Yes, he's usually funny, but he had some particularly sharp lines in this episode - which was good because it helped distract from the fact that the newest addition to the team, Jesse, was an absolute snore.

Yes, hunky and impulsive Jesse Porter (Coby Bell) - the spy Michael unintentionally burned - has joined the gang and even moved into Madeline's garage. He's a total drip and for some reason the women in Michael's life have taken to him as if he were a sort of "surrogate Michael." Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar), right from the get go, makes unnecessary comments about how good-looking and effective Jesse is and it just comes off as a bitchy. Why the sudden need to take pot-shots at Michael? Especially when it's completely evident that Jesse is drab and uncharismatic. I understand that there's supposed to be some sympathy involved here since Jesse's been burned and he's supposed to somewhat represent Michael back in Season 1, but the only person I agreed with here was Sam since he just didn't plain like the kid at all.

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