Stargate Universe: "Incursion, Part 2" Review Episode 20

SGU Season 1 is done, and it ends with a whimper, not a bang. I really felt the series got off to a great start, but these last few episodes have displayed a gradually declining quality, which makes me concerned about the show's future.

This season finale got of off to a decent start as our trigger happy villainess Kiva shoots a random extra to show she means business, and then tensions run high as Young feels the pressure of having lost one of his men. But most of his ire is just frustration, and impotent rage. The threatening tone that we left with at the end of "Incursion, Part 1" fails to manifest into any meaningful action on Young's part. He yells at people for things outside of their control. Later, Young gets all soft again and brings drinks to his team. Is he the water boy now? Where's that tough guy that was about to kick these people off his ship? The SGU crew still ends up negotiating, and a lot of the leadership action is taken by a somewhat reluctant Camile Wray.

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