Entourage Season 6, Episode 7: "No More Drama" - Recap

Vince has a stalker and E is off to a great start at his new job while Drama fights for his.

Vince tries to convince the police and the boys that someone really did break into the house. No one believes him until they discover that both Turtle and Vince's underwear are missing.

They convince Drama to go and apologize to Dan Coakley for trying to strangle him after he made some untoward comments about his intentions for Jamie-Lynn. When Drama gets to the lot, he is on the banned list and so he has to call Coakley on the phone. Predictably, his apology turns into another threat when Coakley pushes the wrong buttons, making the situation worse. You didn't think Drama would get himself out of this one without a little more "drama," did you?

E starts his first day at the new job by getting pizzas delivered to the morning signing meeting from Ari, congratulating him for no longer being a pizza boy. You know this little incident won't be let go without a few back and forth exchanges. Meanwhile, Scott is trying to sign Bob Saget and E offers to help out because he knows Bob from when he lived next door to him. Scott gets territorial and wants E to keep his paws off of Bob.

Ari thinks Vince has a stalker and tries to convince him to take it seriously. Vince and Turtle go to the gun shop but are upset to find out there's a 10-day waiting period in California.

Scott convinces Bob Saget to come in for a meeting after dropping E's name, but is still adamant it's his client. When he comes in for the meeting, he refuses to work with Scott but agrees to hire E as his manager if he can convince Murray to let him have sex in his office. He thinks it would be great for his memoirs. He tells Scott this is the way to sign him and Scott doesn't believe him, so E goes to Murray himself to make the request. At first Murray gets upset, but then reveals he's kidding and that it's not a problem. "My ex-wife decorated this place anyhow."

Drama goes back to the lot, bribes his way past security with chocolate and iPods, and walks in to Coakley's office to give him his "sincere most heartfelt apologies." But, since Jamie-Lynn refused to help him trap Coakley by wearing a wire and catching him in the act, he does a very bad job of doing it himself. Pretty sad for an actor I must say. When he is caught, he literally gets on his knees and begs for mercy. Eddie Burns had given him a stay of execution anyhow, but Coakley promises to torture him from this point forward.

Drama brings guns for Vince and Turtle and when Drama (although it was hard to tell which gun it came from) accidentally sets off one of the guns, Vince decides it's finally time to call in Ari's security guy.

What do you think about the direction this season has been going in?

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