Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "Love Her Tender" Season 1, Episode 3

This week's episode lands us smack dab in the middle of Memphis pageant drama where Dwight and crew aren't budging until they crack the case of a missing 17-year-old "Miss Southern Appeal" contestant. As we track the crime, keep in mind the title tune, "Love Me Tender," which sets the theme of love (be it forsaken, rekindled, contentious or secret) throughout. For now, put on your face and sequins and please tell me your talent is detective work, because this latest case brings a plethora of twists and turns and more drama, well, more drama than an underage pageant!

We open to BB King's "The Thrill is Gone" amidst nighttime neon lights in downtown Memphis. The significance of the song is revealed as we see Davey Sutton (DJ Qualls) tentatively approaching a desperate man about to jump off a building. Just as Davey is making progress with this broken man, a helicopter zooms overhead and our jumper jumps taking Davey with him (I thought dear God, are they killing off Davey just as I start to like him?)! Turns out they only drop to a ledge below (hmm, really?) and the jumper has bested Davey who now lies helpless in handcuffs. Dwight and Whitehead arrive and Dwight quickly ascertains that our jumper's despair stems from woman troubles. "You are but a peasant in this vast kingdom called woman," says Dwight as he talks the man down from his second jump. Davey grins up admiringly at Dwight, the hero of this evening.

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