'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14 Premieres in March

Another gaggle of aspiring models will dominate the CW on March 3, as America's Next Top Model returns for its 14th Cycle. The network has announced that Tyra and Co. will be back in a couple of months, with a two-hour premiere as usual.

Compared to the previous Cycle of America's Next Top Model, this year doesn't feel as exciting. For one thing, there doesn't seem to be a gimmick regarding the contestants. Then again, the series has survived for quite some time without one, just relying on the charm and craziness of the models.

However, if there's anything we could look forward to this season, it's the international destination. As we've all heard, Tyra will be taking the models out to the wonderful realm of New Zealand. Hopefully, there won't be any hobbits hanging around to ogle the girls.

But there will be paparazzi and ecstatic fans. The New Zealand Herald reported that J. Alexander and Jay Manuel were detained by a camera crew at the Auckland International Airport during their arrival.

It's a good thing they knew how to handle the situation and just kept smiling all throughout. Maybe they were thinking about the prospect of torturing the models with criticisms and puffy sleeves. Well, it's either those or they really just like New Zealand.

As for the challenges, we can only adjust our standards because we're really expecting a lot from the show. Cycle 13 had plenty of commendable and creative photo shoots, and had an incredibly tight competition during the finale. Can Cycle 14 top that?

The drama would be another matter. With the girls staying in a posh apartment that has a lap pool and spa pool, gas fireplace and home movie theater, we can only hope for some catfights.

Don't forget: America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 will be premiering on March 3 later this year.

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