'The Vampire Diaries' Review: Elena and Damon's Excellent Adventure Episode 11

The Vampire Diaries had a huge start in 2009 with great ratings, a loyal fan base and a People's Choice Award for Favorite New Drama. Can the show keep that momentum up in 2010?

Yes, and that is almost entirely due to Ian Somerhalder. The delightful joy he takes in playing the sinister but charming Damon Salvatore is getting stronger as The Vampire Diaries realizes he's the real star of this show.

In this episode, Damon rescues Elena from the mysterious vampire who caused her car crash and takes her on a road trip to Atlanta to find Bree, a witch, bartender and old sex buddy of Damon's. Elena is all too eager to get away from Stefan the liar after finding out she looks just like Katherine, and Damon is just trying to find another way to open Katherine's tomb.

Much like the rest of America, Elena is slowly won over by Damon's nonstop charm and exuberance, ultimately getting wasted with him. If The Vampire Diaries wanted viewers to find it believable that Elena could theoretically go after Damon instead of Stefan, this episode did it.

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