We hoped that this series would never end.

peter petrelli once said that "death can be a beatiful thing, if you let it" in episode 23 "how to stop an exploding man" volume 1, and he was right.

the end of volume 2 may have been cut short due to the writers strike and i agree with everyones opinion on this.

but if we continue to bury our heads in the sand worrying that this show will never come back, then we can never truly move on.

i am a die hard fan, so be it, we all have to deal with this great show being postponed, we all are suffering from its momentary loss, but lets be joyous of the things it has taught us and showed us, that great television does exist.

im not saying im happy with the strike, im just accepting it.

in the new year by feburary time volume will be on its way to our screens hopefully.

so its not over.

apparantly tim kring has hired new writers to do the shows script, i cant say this is true as it was in a magazine, but if thats the case then bring it back to its original storyline narrative way.

because lets be honest, its an absolutly great show, and i for one am keeping high hopes and positives thoughts for the crew.

until next time, this is sypher, bringing you the fans the info u deserve.


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