Colin Morgan Talks Challenges and Characters of 'Merlin'

Having just premiered on NBC, the series Merlin has its fair share of intriguing characters. It has quite a premise, and it's already set the expectations of many fans of the fantasy genre. While it's caused quite a stir among audiences, the stars of the show also admit to sharing the same thrilling sentiments.

On a conference call held before the series' premiere, actor Colin Morgan who plays the title character of the show revealed what it was like to work on Merlin. The series focuses on the younger version of the legendary wizard, as he tries to develop his talents in the field of magic. Joining him is the arrogant prince Arthur (Bradley James), along with different versions of Guinevere and Morgana.

Describing the characters, Colin Morgan admitted that Merlin will challenge our preconceived notions of the story. He says Arthur "develops in surprising ways," and cites the uniqueness of every role.

"You see [Arthur] actually has a good heart and his intentions are in the right place," Morgan said. "Also we see Morgana and how she develops, and Gwen, her relationship as we've never seen her before. We normally see Gwen as the future queen, whereas [now] we see her as a maiden next door. Everyone's character, we've all got something new to show."

He also discussed the first episode's fight scene between Merlin and Arthur. The effects were something he had to struggle with, but the actor decided to just enjoy the experience. "It's kind of limitless. It's great to just sort of experiment with that and to have a bit of fun," he admitted. "You've got one idea in your head of what you shot, and then you see the final product, and it's something that really wouldn't be out of place in a film."

Colin Morgan was also quick to point out the appeal of the show. "What's great is just an idea started with that and twisted it and turned it on its head and made it into something completely new and different. So I think that's what was so exciting about it."

Catch the actor on Merlin every Sunday night on NBC.

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