Interview: The Bachelor's Michelle Kujawa "Wouldn't Change Anything" About Time with Jake

This week on The Bachelor, viewers watched as contestant Michelle Kujawa, 26, made a premature exit from the show after an awkward kiss from Bachelor Jake revealed their lack of chemistry. Michelle waffled over whether to stick it out, saying she would stay if Jake wanted her to, but Jake agreed that it "would be better" if she left, and he escorted her out the door.

This morning Michelle spoke to the media about her experience on the show, her thoughts on her "intense" portrayal on TV, and what she hopes for Jake as he continues to look for the love of his life on The Bachelor.

From the beginning of her time on The Bachelor, Michelle was upfront with Jake about her intentions to get married and start a family as soon as possible. While Jake appreciated her honesty, viewers saw a woman on the edge, who felt so entitled to (and cut-off from) his affections that she threatened to leave the show... twice.

Looking back, Michelle admitted that her first attempt to leave wasn't wholehearted:

"I packed my bags, but I didn't walk out the door or anything. Tenley [another female contestant] was telling me, "Michelle, don't go. You'll get a chance to go on a date with Jake." I thought about things, and realized I'm here to hopefully have something with Jake and hopefully I'll get a date."

She got that date the next week, but it was her first and last with Jake: after an "extremely hard" challenge to perform at a comedy club, Michelle hoped for some private passion, but felt "no connection" with The Bachelor when they kissed.

She asked to leave once more, and this time Jake agreed it was for the best.

"The group date didn't turn out so well, but I'm glad I [stayed and] found out," said Michelle.

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