Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Jessica 'Sugar' Kiper

Sugar can be A) a delicious confection that almost everybody craves, or B) a vivacious blond who a lot of the Survivors in Gabon did not crave. Yes, we all know Jerri loves chocolate. (As Colby once complained, "I'm not a Hershey Bar!") But it remains to be seen whether Jerri - or the other competitors on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - will love Sugar.

Why is the retro pinup girl so polarizing? After all, Sugar proved herself to be so effusively nice that she chose to take someone to the finals who she knew would beat her. She wanted him to have the million dollars. Actions speak louder than words, right?

Despite this, many Survivor super fans weren't convinced. They said she was saccharine

more than sweet, and that she played an entirely made-up role for the cameras. On a show about Heroes and Villains, them be fight'n words.

I asked Sugar about Gilmore Girls, retro culture, and why there were so many haters. She was, unsurprisingly, very sweet.

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