House Episode Recap: "Private Lives" Season 6, Episode 14

The team treats a famous blogger, but things become difficult as her condition continues to worsen and she insists on discussing all procedures and doctors on her blog. Meanwhile, House and Wilson learn secrets about each other, and the two of them go speed dating along with Chase.

The Patient

After finding spontaneous bruising on her face and coughing up blood, a famous blogger named Frankie (That '70s Show alum Laura Prepon) is brought into Princeton Plainsboro. Thirteen and Taub go to search her apartment and suspect it's the rat poison she had been disposing of. Throughout her stay, Frankie continues to blog her experience about her treatment, even if it means posting the negatives aspects of the doctors.

Wilson and the Wood Nymph

When Wilson learns House is going to spend his downtime watching porno, he tells House to join him at speed dating. House begrudgingly agrees and finds Wilson also invited Chase along to help him get back in to the dating game. But according to House, Chase is far too pretty to partake in speed dating. Chase isn't buying that women are solely attracted to him based on looks, so he makes a bet with House and acts like a complete a--hole during the mini-dates to prove it. But Chase loses a hundred dollars when he receives a stack of call-back numbers despite his jerky behavior. Wilson and House aren't so lucky considering one took the role of a therapist and the other didn't lack in social niceties. You can figure out which had which problem.

The next day at the hospital, House makes a scene over the fact that Wilson returned his porno. But later, House tells Wilson he returned to the video store to get the porno back only to discover his roommate returned only two of the three and said he lost one. Leave it to House to put two and two together and figure out the reason Wilson did away with the third video was because Wilson stars in it: Cut to a college-aged Wilson dressed as a forest nymph (complete with antlers) frolicking through the woods with a catch phrase, "Be not afraid." Turns out he was helping out a college buddy finish a film assignment, but the guy later added some raunchy stunt double footage so he could sell it as a porno. House promises not to say a word, but next thing you know, Wilson's office is decorated in posters from the porn and the entire hospital is mocking him.

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