House Season 6, Episode 9: "Wilson" - Recap

Wilson becomes the center of this week's episode when an old patient and friend experiences paralysis in his arm. As his condition worsens, Wilson must make some moral decisions that make it difficult for him to differentiate between patient and friend. Meanwhile, Cuddy goes house-hunting for a new place for her and Lucas.

The Patient

Wilson wakes to the sound of House playing George Michaels' "Faith." He asks House to tone it down because he needs to get sleep before he goes hunting. House comes in and says his hunting pal is a "self-important jerk." We cut to Wilson and his pal Tucker (Josh Malina) hunting turkey - or trying to, at least. Wilson then takes a chemo bag, stabs it up against a tree and writes "Year 5" on it. It represents Nov. 30, 2004: the day Tucker was projected to die with leukemia but was saved by treatment. Tucker shoots the bag and it explodes into smithereens, but the celebration is cut short when a gunshot goes off in Wilson's direction after Tucker drops his gun from losing feeling in his arm.

As a friend and former patient, Wilson takes the case and reports to Tucker and his new, much younger girlfriend Ashley, that there are no signs of a stroke or a relapse of cancer. But Wilson notices Ashley has a cold sore and is convinced her infection spread to Tucker's spine causing Transverse myelitis. He starts Tucker on treatment and goes to House to brag to him about his "House moment," but House bursts his bubble by saying Tucker has cancer. House is so confident his friendship is clouting his judgment that bets $100 that it's cancer. Wilson accepts, refusing to believe it.

Wilson Plays House

Tucker asks Wilson to call his family to come be with him considering they aren't too thrilled with the fact he's dating a zygote. Tucker's ex-wife Melissa and daughter finally agree to come.

The medicine doesn't seem to be working, so Wilson hits up House's team for some help. Thirteen comes up with fungus balls in his lungs and Wilson runs with it. But unfortunately, Chase finds it's much more than fungus causing Tucker's symptoms. It winds up being another kind of leukemia in his head. House wins.

Wilson tells Tucker and his family that he has a 90 percent chance for a cure if they remove the cancer and treat with chemo. Tucker knows Ashley is wishy-washy about making important decisions, so he has his ex-wife become his proxy.

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Dec 1, 2009 11:01AM EST

Ok here is my question / comment.
Why was Lisa's bid rejected?
Did Wilson already half way through the episode decide to screw her out of the apartment?
Did she merely not bid enough and the owners rejected her offer, then later Wilson called up his X-wife and asked her what the bid would have to be to get it and she told him since they are still friends.

I was assuming that the owners rejected her bid outright, not because Wilson had already made a bid, I was assuming the reason he wanted the new apartment was because when he asked House to come when he had his surgery House said no, because he'd be alone. Then later in the episode Wilson's friend tells him "The people you want to be with when your dying arn't the same as the people you want to be with when your living."
I took him buying the apartment as sort of a way to prove his patient wrong, he wants to be with House (as a friend obviously) when hes living OR dying, they're like best friends and Wilson wants to prove that to himself I think. Especially since Wilson earlier in the episode told House to get out of his apartment and then later takes it back by buying them a new loft.
Anyone agree or disagree?

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