Wentworth Miller

Anybody think there any chance they gonna keep him on


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Large good to be queen

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May 11, 2016 2:40PM EDT

The LA Times calls it a guest spot, so I'm thinking no.
I liked him in this role, a bit of a departure from Michael on Prison Break.
What I didn't like was the ending, when an obvious solution would have been to leak the confession to the media, and let the public get outraged enough to force Jack into doing something for the man behind bars. Jack is tough, but usually fair, and adding to that an outcry from the public, and I think he would have caved.
I like Christine Lahti in several parts through the years, but I was disappointed in her in this episode. I hope her acting gets back on par. I also thought she must have had Botox, because her cheeks weren't moving when her mouth should have been making them move. I wish women wouldn't do that. It looks so plastic.

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