Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Hurt Locket" Season 3, Episode 13

After three long months, Gossip Girl finally returned with the first of 10 new episodes. Naturally, a social event (the French Ambassador Dinner) was at the center of things. As for the drama on hand, several relationships were in flux: Nate and Serena were becoming a couple; Jenny was feeling ignored by Damien; Lily and Rufus were hitting a rough patch; and Chuck was hoping to restart a very old relationship.

Taking It Slow

After seasons of teasing us, the writers are finally putting Nate and Serena together. And the two of them were adorably giddy about it. However, they received warnings from both Blair and Dan to take things slowly. Nate decided to take Dan's advice, so he un-invited Serena to the dinner, which was going to be their first official date. Bad move, Nate, because this pissed Serena off so much that she followed Blair's advice to play games and asked Damien if she could be his date to the function. Yes, it turns it's a small world after all: Jenny's drug employer is also Serena's old boarding school buddy.

Losing her ticket as Damien's date meant Jenny was more than happy to volunteer herself as Nate's date. Both Serena and Nate were jealous, but these two are no Chuck and Blair - they don't like playing games for very long. Before the night was through, the two had made up in the coat room, and a naked Serena (whose dress went missing) had to take a stranger's coat in order to leave the event without risking an indecent exposure citation.

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