Recap: "I Lost Myself in Us"

After a rocky road to love, Whitney and Jay officially end their relationship as she realizes it's time to do what she set out to do when she moved to New York: jump-start her career.

Whitney and Olivia meet with Emese and Alixe about the upcoming Fashion Week and learn that their London branch is going to need a contact to work over there for a little bit. One of the girls will be lucky enough to take on this role, but after Olivia's recent stealing of credit for the Elle cover, Whitney's shot seems to be dwindling. Feeling lost, Whitney calls an old friend: Lauren. She tells her that Jay is out of the picture and questions whether moving to New York was the right decision. Lauren reminds her that she needs to stay focused, because she moved to the city for a job and not a boy - something Lauren has always had trouble balancing.

Meanwhile, over at One Management, Adam shows up to have a word with Erin. In a nutshell, he tells her to stay out of his business and stop telling Allie that he's messing around. It starts getting hostile and Adam even calls Erin a player herself. Later on, Erin tells Allie about the incident but also mentions that Adam did say she was the love of his life. Allie decides she should talk to him herself and when she does, Adam's desire to have her back at home outweighs Allie's doubts about their relationship. They kiss, hug and all that good stuff.

At the DVF fashion show, Whitney and Olivia meet Jaye Thompson, the London press agent. Again, Olivia takes credit for putting together the cover look. But once the two are alone backstage, Whitney finally confronts her about it. Olivia laughs it off, still believing Whitney had no part in picking the outfit (which is totally untrue) and says that next time she'll bring up Whitney's name as well.

At the DVF after-party, Diane herself goes up to Whitney, noticing she's all alone. She asks about the boyfriend and Whitney tells her that Jay has essentially left her for his career. Diane gives her a piece of motherly advice: "Absence is to love, what the wind is to fire. With a small fire, wind kills it. With a real fire, it intensifies it." She also tells her that the most important relationship you should have, is the one with yourself because at the end of the day, it's all we've got.

On the other side of the party, Olivia is talking to Jaye from London and Alixe asks her to be their U.S. contact there. Just as she spills the news to Whitney, the cell phone rings: it's Jay, who's standing outside. With no time to process that she didn't get the London offer, she heads out to see a very somber and tearful Jay. He tells her that it took him going away to realize, but that he really loves her. They hug but she tells him, "Too little, too late."

"You don't love me?" Jay asks.

"I was falling in love with you, I lost myself in us...I just need to be on my own right now. I'm going to go do what I came here to do." She tells him she's sorry and then walks away.

And that, folks ends the first season of The City. Thoughts? Comment away!

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